Infinite Space – Choose Story

Mystery i Solve
Andriod 2.3 and up +

Product Description

Play the first of it’s kind, Infinite Space – Choose your Adventure Game with Hidden Objects and Match Three Puzzles by Mystery i Solve.

These games have different possible endings and you get to choose your own story ending by the choices that you make. Choose your story options wisely as you could a wrong option could mean death.

When you play Infinite Space – Choose your Adventure Game, you can choose to play with either Hidden Object or Match Three puzzles, here are a few features of Mystery i Solve games:

– Multiple Positive / Negative Endings
– Your Choices Determine your Fate
– Play with either Match 3 or Hidden Object puzzles
– Switch between Match 3 or Hidden Object puzzles without losing progress
– Hidden Objects are never where you last found them (Objects change locations)
– Match Three Games Increase in Difficulty as you Progress
– Graphic Oriented – to minimize reading text
– Play only Hidden Object Puzzles with no choose your story dialogues

If you do reach a game over scene, you may feel that playing the same story over is boring? It is not!!! You can switch between Match 3 and Hidden Object Modes anytime and Hidden Objects keep changing positions.

By adding Hidden Objects and Match 3 puzzles to CYOA we have taken both to the next level, by making both more challenging and fun.

Choose your own Adventure types of games were first seen in hard printed books and called Game Books, CYOA and / or Choose your own Adventure Books. It required the reader to make choices but was otherwise like a regular novel. We have taken this a step forward and added Hidden Objects and Match Three Puzzles to make it more challenging and engaging.

Mystery i Solve games are 100% free to play CYOA Games. We don’t force users to make in-app purchases in order to keep playing our free games.

If you like Infinite Space by Mystery i Solve and / or would like a feature in our choose your own story games. Please leave a review.